About Us

A little story about us

Dr Fantastic CBD is distributed by Be Fantastic International, Corp which contracts with the best manufacturers and producers of product available.
The Dr. Fantastic brand is synonymous with superior quality products, Fantastic products.
Dr. Fantastic is a moniker that was given to the founder, Lester Monte Cook III because he has the prescription for a happier and longer life. He is NOT a doctor, he is an author, motivator, philosopher and has accomplished great things in his life. He is now trying to make the world a better place by introducing the Be Fantastic movement and Fantastic product.
You can find many Fantastic things on his Be Fantastic app,  you can see 800 + interviews on his YouTube channel ‘Be Fantastic’,  his 130+ podcasts are incredible which are on Spreaker Studio. His radio show is every third Tuesday at 2pm PST on www.healthylife.net and he sends motivational slogans and inspirational quotes each morning via Instagram at be_fantasticforever.
You will find his interviews, his speeches, his philosophies and his product Fantastic. 

He encourages retailers to give discounts to Veterans by joining his charity www.ilovesos.org a 501C3 which is 100% free to everyone.


Be Fantastic!

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